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Episode Seven: Nuclear Physics, Nueroscience, and Chisme

Sameera Moussa was an early 20th century Egyptian nuclear physicist who held a doctorate in atomic radiation. She was the first woman at her Univeristy to earn a PhD in her field, and the first woman to hold a university post in any field there. Her research, among other things, worked to use nuclear technology for medical purposes, she saw it as a way to make medical care affordable to all. Sameera was a prominent figure not only at her university, but in her country and at an international level. In the mid 50s, she was invited to travel to the US, and it was then, at the age of 32, that her life was cut short in a mysterious car accident.

Sound like drama? It totally is.

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Episode Four: Woman As Scientist, Woman as Activist

Roger Arliner Young was an early 20th century american biologist. She is best known for being the first African American woman to earn a PhD in zoology - but her story is often presented as a sad, one sided cautionary tale.

Join your host, Michelle Barboza-Ramirez, and guest Melissa Cristina Marquez, as they shut down this false narrative and tell you the whole story. 

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Episode Two: How Dare A Woman

Hello Femmes and friends, welcome back to the podcast! Today we present the very first Femmes of STEM guest episode. Hisorical femme Rachel Carson was a biologist and author, and is often credited with sparking the 20th century enviornmental movement. Today we discuss her life and legacy with guest Priya Shukla, a biologist, ecologist, and science communicator at the UC Davis Marine Bodega Laboratory.

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