Episode Five: Mary Anning's Revenge

Mary Anning is a 19th century paleontologist responsible for the discovery of Dino-Age creatures such as ichthyosaurs, pleisosaurs, and pterosaurs. She hung out with and provided invaluable fossil specimens to classic White Dude Scientists like Georges Cuvier & Richard Owen, but despite her discoveries, Mary Anning didn't get sh*t. Meaghan Emery-Wetherell and Amy Atwater consider themselves her revenge - by running the super funny, super NSFW blog Mary Anning's Revenge.

Join us to learn about Mary's life, Amy's nose, Meaghan's indifference to humans, & why the ever-constant title of "woman scientist" v plain ole "scientist" can be both empowering and problematic.

Cover art by Jemima Williams

Show Notes, References, and Further Reading

Mary Anning's Revenge (Meaghan & Amy): Blog | Twitter | Facebook

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Mary Anning


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