Episode Two: How Dare A Woman

Hello Femmes and friends, welcome back to the podcast! Today we present the very first Femmes of STEM guest episode. Hisorical femme Rachel Carson was a biologist and author, and is often credited with sparking the 20th century enviornmental movement. Today we discuss her life and legacy with guest Priya Shukla, a biologist, ecologist, and science communicator at the UC Davis Marine Bodega Laboratory.

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Show Notes, References, and Further Reading

Priya Shukla

Twitter: @priyology | Website: priyashukla.com | Blog: The Prosaic Mosaic

Priya's Mentor: Dr. Tessa Hill

Twitter: @Tessa_M_Hill | Website: Hill Biogeochemistry Lab

Rachel Carson

Carson's Novels: 

Under the Sea Wind, 1941 ($) | The Sea Around Us, 1951 ($) | The Edge of the Sea, 1955 ($) | Silent Spring, 1962 ($ | pdf) | The Sense of Wonder, 1965 ($)


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