Bonus Episode: Girls Talk Math! Part 1

Surprise, it's a bonus episode! We're bringing you mini-sodes from the Girls Talk Math summer camp.

In Episode Eight of the Femmes of STEM podcast, we talked with Francesca Bernardi, the co-founder of the Girls Talk Math! Hosted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, middle and high school girls are not only taught advanced math concepts, but produce podcast episodes about important female mathematicians - so basically, they're the Femmes of STEM Jr!

We had to make sure you all tuned in to their show, so we thought we'd bring a few episodes of their show straight into your feed! Each of the girls episodes is about 15 minutes long. In part one of the bonus, you will hear an introduction from the founders of Girls Talk Math, plus the stories of Grace Hopper, Agnes Meyer Driscoll, and Emmy Noether. Enjoy!

Episode Breakdown

01:48 Introduction by Francesca Bernardi and Katrina Morgan, the founders of Girls Talk Math, explaining what the podcast series is about.

05:05 Grace Hopper, by Michelle Chen, Cameron Farrar, Laura O'Sullivan, and Cat Bassett.

20:17 Agnes Meyer Driscoll, by Shai Caspin, Natalie Bowers, Bryana Dorsey, Nia Pierce, and Cana Perry.

34:13 Emmy Noether, by Chloe Nash, Wanda Wilkins, and Lauren Behringer.

Show Notes, References, and Further Reading

Girls Talk Math
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Femmes of STEM interview with Girls Talk Math founder, Francesca Bernardi
Episode 8: Girls Talk Math! 2017, Femmes of STEM podcast.