Episode Nine: Planes, Motorcycles, & Automobiles

Beatrice Shilling was all about speed and efficiency. She modified her Norton M30 (a schmancy motorbike) so she could rip up the Brooklands motor circuit at speeds of 100+ miles per hour, and she fixed a sort of serious little problem the British air force was facing in WWII - a problem which was causing their fighter planes to literally stop working while in mid-air, surrounded by Nazis! I mean, c'mon.

Joining us to talk about Ms Shilling is aerospace engineer Stephanie Evans. Steph is originally from Mascoutah, Illinois and she graduated from Missouri S&T in 2012. Currently, she works as a systems test engineer for SSL MDA in Silicon Valley, and when she’s not doing that, she runs the STEMulus sci comm youtube channel! 

Show Notes, References, and Further Reading

Stephanie Evans


The Stemulus

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Beatrice Shilling


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Bonus Episode: Girls Talk Math! Part 2

Bonus Episode: Girls Talk Math! Part 2

It's part two of the Girls Talk Math bonus episode! We're bringing you mini-sodes about historical math femmes.

Episode Eight: Girls Talk Math!

Episode Eight: Girls Talk Math!

Sofya Kovalevskaya was a 19th century Russian Mathematician, novelist, and political activist. She was born into Russia at a time of political unrest and, well, pretty restrictive times for women. How restrictive? Like she literally had to fake a marriage so she could legally leave Russia and go to a country that would allow her to study past high school - and that's just the beginning of her story, my friends.

Episode Seven: Nuclear Physics, Nueroscience, and Chisme

Episode Seven: Nuclear Physics, Nueroscience, and Chisme

Sameera Moussa was an early 20th century Egyptian nuclear physicist who held a doctorate in atomic radiation. She was the first woman at her Univeristy to earn a PhD in her field, and the first woman to hold a university post in any field there. Her research, among other things, worked to use nuclear technology for medical purposes, she saw it as a way to make medical care affordable to all. Sameera was a prominent figure not only at her university, but in her country and at an international level. In the mid 50s, she was invited to travel to the US, and it was then, at the age of 32, that her life was cut short in a mysterious car accident.

Sound like drama? It totally is.