Lady Powered Pods - History


Welcome to another round of podcast suggestions from the Femmes of STEM! Last week we shared a round up of our favorite science podcasts (which just so happen to be run by women in STEM) along with a masterlist of every sci-pod run by women that we have found!

This week, we're bringing you some lady powered pods that speak to the other half of the Femmes of STEM mission - history! From science history, to food history, to feminist history, these podcasts are ready to expand your knowledge of our past. Head over to Michelle's blog on Medium for a highlight of her favorite lady powered history podcasts, or see below for the full list!

Science + History

Women’s History

General History

European History

US History

BONUS! Non History Podcasts with History Episodes

Do you have requests for future round ups?  Suggestions of podcasts we should add to the list? Let us know here!