Lady Powered Pods - #STEM Edition

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Introducing the third of our four monthly recurring series for the Femmes of STEM blog: Lady Powered Pods! As a podcast junkie, I've got a ton of shows on my "to-list-to" list, including quite a few that would be right up the alley of any Femmes of STEM fan. So, every fourth Monday of the month, we’ll be publishing our recommend listening list - from Lady Powered Pods, to POC Pods, to history pods, to feminist pods, we'll provide something to carry you though these few more months of hiatus (your host is preparing for her thesis defense guys - sorry!).

Our first podcast round up features super rad science pods - oh, and they all happen to be run by kickass ladies! Check out our medium post for descriptions + suggested episodes of our favorite shows, or go ahead and dive in to the list below. As always, this list will keep expanding as we find new pods (feel free to get in contact with suggestions).

 See you next month for a new edition of #FoSlistens!